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Footpath Weed Control

Carefully targeted Footpath Weed Control – kerb edge

Footpath Weed Control has been a mainstay of LanGuard VM business, since they were established over 35 years ago. In that time there have been many changes and LanGuard VM have adapted their service to maintain a market leading position. Despite these changes, local authorities still require a best value solution to their Footpath Weed Control challenge. LanGuard VM provide a safe, thorough and efficient service that provides best value for local authority and national contractor clients across the UK. Why not contact us, to see if we can help you achieve better value option?

Why use herbicides for Footpath Weed Control?

Put simply, herbicides are the most cost effective solution and when applied by a professional and competent contractor, provide a safe and sustainable approach to urban footpath weed control. Guidelines require herbicide use to be minimised,  which is why LanGuard VM operators are highly trained and fully certificated and their equipment is carefully designed to meet their needs.

LanGuard VM have a large team of people with a vast experience of Footpath Weed Control enabling them to excel in public facing contracts. Our commitment to full time permanent employment has been rewarded with enviable staff retention and maintains vital experience throughout the company. With over 40 highly trained and fully NPTC certificated operators and two BASIS Advisors, all members of the BASIS Amenity Register, we have the capacity and the training achieve on large and complex as well as smaller contracts.

LanGuard VM have invested in the equipment to give our teams the best chance of performing in a safe, environmentally responsible and cost effective manner. The LanGuard Footpath Sprayer is based on a Kubota Mini Tractor, because it is a low speed, highly manoeuvrable, stable and easy to control work platform. It is fitted with a bespoke in-house designed and built spray system, because it has evolved to meet the demands of urban street scene and Footpath Weed Control tasks over a number of decades. We still use knapsack sprayers where they remain the most effective option. Innovations such as WeedSeeker spray heads and clean tank systems have been developed for contracts where they are required. Given our experience in the UK Amenity Sector, we have designed our operations to avoid spray drift and accurately place our treatments and have low incident rate. All our equipment is GPS tracked and can be monitored in real time or reviewed later for reporting and speed monitoring.

LanGuard VM are committed to raising the standards within our industry, we are independently audited under Amenity Assured, including BACCS (BASIS Advanced Contractor Certification Scheme), have achieved and maintained ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard & ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Standard.

Why not contact us, to see if we can help you achieve better value option?