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Highways Vegetation Management

Highways selective swath application
Carefully targeted highways vegetation management can promote biodiversity

LanGuard VM are a leading specialist highways vegetation management business, servicing the UK Highways Network. Our success results from investment in highly trained people and innovative specialised equipment. Our cost effective services, not only maintain the soft/green estate, but can reduce operator exposure in safety critical environments plus time and money spent on traffic management. Why not contact us, to see if we can help you meet your highway vegetation management challenge?

LanGuard VM have a large team of experienced professional people, who are highly trained, fully certificated. They are motivated to help you provide safe and easy to maintain highways infrastructure.

Our people are suitably equipped to carry out their tasks in a safe, effective, environmentally responsible and efficient manner. We have Crash-Cushion Impact Protection Vehicles and are capable of working under our own traffic management.

LanGuard VM have invested in further training and certification for our staff, so that they are capable of providing Tree Works and Landscape Maintenance to our clients. As with other LanGuard VM services, our investment in training and raising the competance for our operators, has been mirrored with investment in tools and equipment. This broadening of services is complementary to our existing services, enabling LanGuard VM to spread the work profile throughout the year. The crucial advantage enables us to become even more cost effective and hold on to experienced and highly trained full time staff, thus strengthening our already excellent Quality & Environmental credentials.

LanGuard VM are committed to raising the standards within our industry, we were involved in the development of The National Highways Sector Scheme that covers our work on the Highways Network and one of the first to be accredited with National Highway Sector Scheme 18 – Landscape & Ecology. We have a comprehensive set of accreditations and undergo several annual audits to show our compliance.

LanGuard VM is committed to providing the UK Highways Network with a cost effective, safety conscious and environmentally responsible highways vegetation management service. We are ready to help you achieve that goal, why not give us a call?