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Quality and Safety Accreditation

We are committed to raising standards within our industry and have achieved the following accreditations to show our compliance with relevant standards within in our sectors of operation.

COVID-19 Safety

We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment have have introduced additional measures to allow us to work safely.

Quality, Environmental & National Highways Sector Scheme


We are inspected and audited annually to the national and international standards BS EN ISO 9001, 14001 and NHSS compliant through BMTrada.

Amenity Assured and BACCS Certified


We are strong supporters and founder members of Amenity Assured and  BACCS, (BASIS Advanced Amenity Contractor Certification Scheme) managed by BASIS to raise and maintain standards and good practice for contractors operating in the amenity and industries sectors of the pesticide industry. As part of this scheme we agree to be given an unannounced in field inspection to ensure we are achieving the standard.

Property Care Association

The Property Care Association (PCA) is the trade association representing specialists across the UK who can be trusted to resolve problems affecting buildings. PCA members have met our strict membership criteria to demonstrate their competence and can investigate and resolve property defects. Despite decades of experience dealing with invasive weeds and Japanese Knotweed in particular, we have decided to join the PCA Invasive Weeds Control Group which is looking to raise & monitor standards in this very important sector. This scheme requires us to have suitably qualified staff and involves independent audit of our services.

BASIS Certification


Our staff & operators have BASIS certification. Recognised under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986; the BASIS Storekeeper and Field Sales and Technical Staff certificates are now required, by law, by all those involved in the storage, sale and supply of pesticides. Our Stores are inspected annually under the BASIS Stores Inspection Scheme and our Advisory staff are signed up to Continual Professional Development on the Amenity Register.

City & Guilds National Proficiency Tests Council Qualified

All of our operatives are City & Guilds NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council) qualified to use pesticide products and chainsaws, etc.

ConstructionLine Accreditation

We are accredited by Constructionline, as a Gold Member, the UK’s register of pre-qualified local and national construction and construction-related contractors and consultants. Owned and endorsed by the DTI, Constructionline is a contributor to the Rethinking Construction initiative. We complete an annual audit for this scheme.

Amenity Standard

The Amenity Standard is a quality management benchmark, to ensure that public spaces are maintained to the highest professional levels; seeking to keep all amenity areas safe and healthy for all to use. The Amenity Standard is overseen by the Amenity Forum, who have established processes and procedures to audit the various assurance schemes across the sector, including Amenity Assured, PCA Invasive Weed Specialists and others, to ensure they meet the level of professionalism required. Locations and organisations will only be able to claim adherence to the Standard if they can demonstrate consistent compliance to its requirements by application of recognised assurance schemes.