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Aquatic Weed Control for Playing Fields, Golf Courses, Race Courses …

Aquatic areas or water features are attractive parts of any amenity area or golf course and can enhance the biodiversity of these areas, provided they are well maintained. Weed control is an important part of their maintenance keeping marginal growth in check and ensuring that the areas do not become over run with aquatic weeds or algae.

LanGuard VM have the expertise to help you maintain these areas with specially certificated operators trained to make applications in or near water and good links with specialist suppliers of products approved for use in aquatic situations.

There are a number of Aquatic Invasive Species which are becoming a problem in the UK. The key species that the Environment Agency is concerned with at present are:

LanGuard VM are also able treat these problems, why not contact us for help with any aquatic weed problems you may have?