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Urban Weed Control

Aerial view of a typical urban environment

LanGuard VM are market leaders, providing of urban weed control to local authorities in the UK. Our success has been achieved by investing in a team of capable people and a fleet of safe & efficient equipment. This has earned us an excellent reputation, enabling us to develop long-term sustainable partnerships with our clients. Why not contact us, to see if we help you meet your urban weed control challenge?

Why is urban weed control important?

Weeds, over the long term, can degrade urban landscapes breaking up hard surfaces and creating trip hazards, which will result in costly repair bills. Over the short term weeds cause dirt build up, trap litter, impede drainage and hamper street cleansing and highways maintenance. Well timed, targeted and effective  urban weed control prevents these problems developing.

LanGuard VM have a large team of professional people, who possess a vast experience of  urban weed control. They are highly trained, fully certificated and motivated to help you provide safer, cleaner and greener urban environments. We employ over 40 NPTC certified spray operators and two BASIS technical advisers, all are members of the BASIS Amenity Register, taking part in regular Continual Professional Development (CPD) training.

LanGuard VM have equipped our teams with the tools to carry out their tasks in a safe, effective, environmentally responsible and efficient manner. The LanGuard Footpath Sprayer is based on a Kubota Mini Tractor and fitted with a bespoke in-house spraying system that has evolved over decades of experience of urban weed control contracts. Where required our teams use knapsacks to complete contracts on foot. Urban weed control has not stood still and we have invested in innovation to meet the challenge. WeedSeeker spray heads use infra red to detect weeds and activate the nozzle. As the contractor in the Thanet Weed Project, we purchased Hoaf Thermit burners, Kersten Weed Brushes and Weedingtech MW Series with Foamstream for integrated and non-chemical urban weed control.

LanGuard VM are committed to raising the standards within our industry and have long supported industry schemes striving for that goal. We are Amenity Assured,  a scheme that is supported by the Amenity Forum, the Environment Agency and the Chemical Registration Division of the Health & Safety Executive.Further standards we have achieved are BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard & BS EN ISO 14001:2004, which allows us to run an integrated management system.

By investing in our people and modern equipment, LanGuard VM strives to provide a safety conscious, environmentally responsible and above all cost effective service to our clients. We are prepared to help you provide a cleaner, safer, greener urban environment. Why not contact us, to see if we help you meet your urban weed control challenge?