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Associations & Partnerships

As one of the leaders in our market we have always been keen to raise standards within our industry. To that end, senior managers from LanGuard have always been prepared to give time to bodies that seek to make improvements in the UK Amenity sector.

LanGuard also works closely with our suppliers to source products and equipment that enable us to make a safe, environmentally aware and cost effective approach.

Amenity Forum

The UK Amenity Sector is a diverse collective and has previously struggled for a representative voice. The Amenity Forum has been set up to represent the sector more effectively and is open to all who have an interest in the UK amenity horticulture, from clients through to operators. The Amenity Forum aims to represent the industry to government and promote best practice, environmental stewardship and professionalism within the industry. LanGuard are strong supporters of the Amenity Forum and would encourage any other business with an interest in the Amenity sector to get involved as well.


The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) represents agricultural contractors and has an amenity section, LanGuard have been members for many years.

Headland Amenity

We use Headland Industrial & Amenity Products and Fertilisers on our contracts.

Barrier Biotech

We use Barrier Biotech’s Barrier H Ragwort Control for controlling Common Ragwort.


We use Kubota Mini Tractors for spraying urban, kerbsides and pedestrian areas.


We use HARDI Sprayers and Knapsacks as part of our bespoke & specialist equipment range for Industrial and Amenity Situations.